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Louisiana LGBT couple shares their story for LA Loves Campaign

Marriage equality in Louisiana is an on-going battle in the court system. That's why two LGBT organizations have paired up to start the Louisiana Loves Campaign, which aims to associate some local faces with same-sex marriage.

Louisiana agencies prepare for hurricane season

Hurricane season in Louisiana is only a few months away. That's why state and federal agencies met today to figure out what needs to be done when a hurricane hits.

Federally approved powdered alcohol causing controversy

A new lightweight, easy to carry alcoholic product hasn't even hit the market yet and it's already stirring up a lot of controversy!

Cases of highly contagious avian influenza continue to spread across US

A highly contagious strain of avian influenza or "bird flu" has infected turkey flocks in Arkansas and Missouri.

LSU College of Business to offer new energy studies program

As soon as this upcoming fall semester, students at LSU will have the chance to register for classes towards a brand new minor and MBA specialization.

The Louisiana budget: What are the best options?

 Louisiana, we need to talk. You have a spending problem. It’s leading to budget cuts in state offices, health care and higher education. How did you let yourself get this bad?

Author shares personal reasons why Lousiana should expand access to mental health care

 While politicians debate the need for mental health services and how to pay for them, Pete Earley came to Baton Rouge to share his personal reasons for wanting to expand access to care.

Napleonville man admits to stealing horse in drunken attempt to catch parade

A Napoleonville man is now in jail after on a felony theft charge after stealing a horse last week, according to the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Families still working to rebuild two months after tornado hits Amite

It's been two months since a tornado touched down in Amite, and families are still working to rebuild their homes. The storm uprooted hundreds of trees and destroyed dozens of homes.

In coastal Louisiana, Houma Indians are losing ground

In coastal Louisiana, Houma Indians are losing ground. In fact, coastal erosion is causing major problems. It’s damaging their land and threatening their way of life.