Statewide News

Local researchers help identify genes in our body that cause obesity

Researchers at Pennington Biomedical are part of a global collaboration working to determine what causes obesity. So far, we already know that weight plays a role in our health and that genes play a role in how much we weigh.

New Orleans Saints player Benjamin Watson wants to talk race

NFL player Benjamin Watson wants to tackle race. He says he believes talking about race freely is the key to moving forward.

Crawfish prices rising as cold weather affects supply

Louisianans love a good crawfish boil. But if you've been out shopping lately, you've probably noticed the price of a pound of crawfish has skyrocketed!

LA sees drop from stable to negative from Moody's

 With a looming budget crisis, Moody's Investor Service has downgraded Louisiana's outlook from Stable to Negative.

Big budget shortfall faces Louisiana lawmakers

 Louisiana has a major budget battle looming. Right now, state leaders are scrambling to figure out how they'll balance Louisiana's checkbook.

Pennington Biomedical encourages employees to stay healthy and active while at work

February is American heart month so what better time is there to remember to stay heart healthy?

Go Fund Me account helps Louisiana paramedic in need

An east Baton Rouge paramedic is asking for our help. Mark Wilson started a Go Fund Me account to help out a fellow paramedic after she underwent hip replacement surgery.

State budget proposal will not include cuts to higher education

The new proposed budget for the state does not include cuts to higher education, according to the Louisiana Division of Administration.

Honore's Green Army releases Louisiana Legislative Scorecard

Lieutenant General Retired Russell Honore' had a lot to say to the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday.

Louisiana Loves campaign showcases real, loving, LGBT couples

Many same sex couples who have been together for years face discrimination and legal and cultural challenges. Now, a brand new campaign in Louisiana will try to break down those barriers by showcasing stories of LGBT couples.