Statewide News

Deadline approaching for Hurricane Isaac flood insurance claims

Louisiana property owners whose homes or other structures were damaged during Hurricane Isaac-related flooding have only a short time remaining to file claims for their losses.

Tobacco tax hike deferred for now

Several bills that would raise the price of a pack of cigarettes are being put off for now, and smokers are breathing a sigh of relief.

Six-year-old child left on school bus all day

A six-year-old girl is forgotten on a school bus for more than six hours. The little girl, Ta' Corya Watson, fell asleep on the way to school.

Blind woman drives after 50 years

A Beech Grove woman drove a car for the first time in 50 years. In 1963, Marsha Hoagland Dorsey's parents got her a brand new car for graduation.

Manda expands its meat recall to include additional products

Manda Fine Meat, the East Baton Rouge-based meat company, is expanding its recall.

Governor's Jindal's proposed tax plan dropped in House committee

Governor Bobby Jindal’s hopes of repealing the income tax and pushing through a large tax plan overhaul have been stalled once again.

Five things you should never say in a job interview

(StatePoint) Are you having trouble landing a job and you're not sure why? The right skills and an impressive resume may get you an interview, but getting hired is another story.

Returning to normalcy after a cancer diagnosis

(StatePoint) Cancer. It's a word no one wants to hear, yet all too many people are diagnosed each year. With a diagnosis comes many questions, most importantly how to get the best medical care possible.

150 Kids Unharmed When Union, MO Church Roof Ripped Off

Worshipers at the First Baptist Church in Union, Missouri lived through a scary night Wednesday. The church's new metal roof was torn off about half of one portion of one building.

Video captures woman tossing baby

 Police are investigating a disturbance on a bus during which a screaming woman tossed her baby into the lap of another passenger.