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Mother's Day: A day for reflection

(StatePoint) Most people spend Mother's Day bestowing flowers, gifts and heartfelt sentiments upon their moms. But for some, knowing how to honor their mother is not so easy.

Make sure you dispose of unused prescription drugs properly

(StatePoint) What do you do with your unused prescription pills and over-the-counter medications? Do you throw them away? Flush them down the toilet? Simply leave them in your cabinet for a rainy day?

Roswell designer helps women pack heat in style

A Roswell woman is helping women look good while protecting themselves on the street. Leslie Deets is designing handgun handbags that she calls Concealed Carrie.

Manhattan underwear bandit stealing women's laundry

Police are looking for a Kips Bay underwear thief who is systematically checking dryers for the sole purpose of finding women's panties.

Local man plans to sue after he says dentist pulled out all his teeth by mistake

 An Indianapolis man is furious after he said he visited an east side dentist to have three teeth pulled out but walked out with no teeth at all.

Soldier On Leave From South Korea Comes Home To Get Married

A young St. Louis soldier came home from South Korea to marry his high school love. This, as North Korea continues to threaten its southern neighbor, and the US.

Odd Smell Alerts Resident to Burglar Hiding Behind Refrigerator

Someone's keen sense of smell apparently alerted them to an intruder burglarizing their home, police say.

Wilcox County H.S. Students to Host First Integrated Prom

They share the classroom, the football field, and the baseball diamond, but the school is still holding on to a vestige of this country's darkest days of segregation.

St. Louis citing owners up to $500 for not picking up dog droppings

Some dog owners in the City of St. Louis are finding out the hard way why refusing to pick up after their dogs can be a costly mistake.

35,000 pounds of ice cream spills after semi overturns

The ramp of northbound Interstate 465 is closed on the city's east side Wednesday afternoon after a semi-tractor trailer overturned, spilling about 35,000 pounds of ice cream.