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St. Louis citing owners up to $500 for not picking up dog droppings

Some dog owners in the City of St. Louis are finding out the hard way why refusing to pick up after their dogs can be a costly mistake.

35,000 pounds of ice cream spills after semi overturns

The ramp of northbound Interstate 465 is closed on the city's east side Wednesday afternoon after a semi-tractor trailer overturned, spilling about 35,000 pounds of ice cream.

San Diego man dies while getting wisdom teeth pulled

A San Diego entrepreneur died after a routine dental procedure in Temecula, his family said Monday. Marek Lapinski, 25, died on March 21 when he underwent a procedure to extract two wisdom teeth.

Parolee Allegedly Throws Police Dog Out Window

A police dog has possible brain damage after he was allegedly thrown out of a second-story window by a parolee. It happened on Sunday afternoon at a home in the 95000 block of Mango Avenue.

Tomb of Jesus Bursts Into Flames During Easter Sunday Play

To dramatize the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, the First Church of the Nazarene in Canton decided to re-enact Jesus rising from the dead and opening the door to his tomb.

Man shot dad outside church

Easter weekend came to a deadly end after police said a man shot and killed his father right outside of a church. It happened at Hiawatha Church of God in Christ around 1:15p.m. Sunday.

How to make your garden more environmentally friendly

(StatePoint) Spring is here, which means it's time to slip those green thumbs into some gardening gloves. And if you want to feel truly good about what you grow, consider upgrading your garden to be more planet-friendly.

Get your home's air conditioning ready for warm weather

(StatePoint) When the weather heats up, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system quickly becomes a most valuable player in your home life and stays that way for several months. However, the U.S.

Homeowners: Five steps to avoid contractor fraud

(StatePoint) Whether you're making a fast trip to the store or leaving on a two-week vacation, are you confident that locking your doors is enough to keep your home safe and secure?

Homeowners: Five steps to avoid contractor fraud

(StatePoint) Each year, thousands of trusting homeowners hire contractors for home repairs or renovation projects. But for many, dreams of a remodeled kitchen, new roof or updated patio are dashed by contractor fraud.