Statewide News

Roulette gambling conspiracy participants sentenced

The Western Distict U.S. Attorney's office has been real busy lately.

Can the Saints recover? Team still optimistic moving forward

On the football field there’s more bad news for the Saints. But the now 0-4 black and gold say they're heading in the right direction.

Record-breaking gator caught

Four hunters nabbed a giant alligator in Mississippi and lived to tell the tale. This gator weighed almost 700 pounds (697 and a half, to be exact), forming a new record in its state.

Saints 0 and 4

The Saints are still struggling. but the now 0 and 4 black and gold say they are heading in the right direction. For the second straight week New Orleans blew a late lead.

Louisiana Open

Every spring, professional golfers come to Acadiana to tee up for the Louisiana Open golf tournment at Le Triomphe golf club. The winning golfer walks away with a big pile of cash -- but there's not just one winner.

Pork shortage

An Acadiana food staple is threatened by this past summer's drought. The drought decreased yields of wheat, which farmers use to feed pigs. The price of raising the animals rose, and supply continues to decline.

Tax cut for sinkhole evacuees

People living in the mandatory evacuation area for the Assumption Parish sinkhole have the option to lower property value of their home for the 2012 tax year, according to the parish's tax assesor's office.

Corps of Engineers not liable for Katrina damage, court rules

Three years ago, a federal court found the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers responsible for the catastrophic flooding of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. On Monday, an appeals court threw that decision out.

Louisiana faces possible rise in obesity

According to the government, more than a third of adults in Louisiana are obese and a new study says that by the year 2030, that number could rise as high as 62%.

Senator David Vitter named Man Of The Year

The Baton Rouge Republican Party is bestowing the honor of man of the year on Senator David Vitter. The new award was given to Vitter for his work in Washington D.C.