Statewide News

Legendary Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Steps Down

A Louisiana Supreme Court Justice is leaving her post to spend more time with her family.   Catherine Kitty Kimball says she will step down from her position in January.

Senate Working On Passing Abortion Law Bill 708

One lawmaker says women who are thinking about getting an abortion should be forced to listen to the baby's hearbeat first. Senate Bill 708 was authored by Baton Rouge Senator Sharon Weston Broome.

Gas Prices Continue Forever Growing

Gas prices are on the rise...   Louisiana gas prices dot com is reporting the average price of gas is  3.89 in the US. In Louisiana gas is priced at 3.78.  

X Factor Auditions Held In Lafayette

Today, Louisiana X Factor finalists competed to win a chance at an all expense paid trip for a guaranteed audition with the X Factor producers.

Senior Citizens Show Up At Louisiana State Legislature To Voice Concerns Over Senate Bill 690

 Hundreds of senior citizens from across the state showed up to the Louisiana Legislature to voice their concern about Senate Bill 690.

Saints Owner Becomes New Hornets Owner

The man who brought stability to the new orleans saints.. is hoping to do the same with the hornets.  

Jay Dardenne To Host Louisiana Themed Block Party In Memphis

 Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne is practicing his rub boarding skills before taking a little road trip to Tennesse. Jay Dardenne actually got one on one lessons with Grammy award winning Zydeco artist Chubby Carrier.

Saints Fans Show Support For Payton

Many Saints fans are showing their support for coach Payton. Free Sean Payton t shirts have been spotted all around New Orleans. Some t shirt shops in the Quarter have had to reorder the t's.

Sean Payton To Appeal One Year Suspension

 New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton will appeal his one year suspension.   Payton reportedly filed his appeal with the league office today.  

Louisiana Benefits From Lottery

When there are millions on the table Louisiana benefits. While the state doesn't get a cut of the cash, it does get some of money spent while people try to win.