Truck driver kidnaps squirrel

Friday, November 29, 2013 - 10:00am

A little, Uintah Ground Squirrel was driven back to Utah from Madison, Wisconsin after it was kidnapped by a truck driver.

Dalyn Erickson-Marthaler, Executive Director of the Wildlife Rehab Center of Utah in Ogden, is nursing the squirrel back to health before it is released back into its habitat somewhere near the Wyoming border. "Someone cared enough to get her home," she said of Kris, the volunteer from the Wildlife Rehab Center in Madison who drove her all the way to Utah.

The trucker, according to Erickson-Marthaler, thought the squirrel was cute and lured it into a box, then drove it to Wisconsin where he gave it to a family as a pet. After a few weeks, the family realized the squirrel was not a good pet and took it to the wildlife center there. "Squirrels can be very destructive. They chew and they bite," she said.

Erickson-Marthaler said many people take wildlife mistakenly believing they would be good pets, then end up taking the animals to her center where here staff of volunteers has to help them heal. The center takes in all kinds of wildlife including beaver, falcons and owls some with very serious injuries. If you see a cute critter in the wild, don't touch it she said. "Take pictures, enjoy it but leave it where it belongs," she said.


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