Turkish military shells positions for second day

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 8:44pm

For a second straight day the Turkish military has shelled positions inside Syria and according to at least one Syrian human rights organization it has killed Syrian soldiers as a result of that shelling.

It comes after a day a Syrian mortar landed in a Turkish border town that killed five people including a mother and her three children.

Meanwhile NATO, the alliance the United States and other European countries are a part of, have been holding emergency sessions.

They're debating whether the attack on Turkey justifies a response from the entire NATO alliance.

There is an article in the charter of that organization that says an attack on one country constitutes an attack on all of its members, justifying the use of military force.

But it is the latest example as to how the conflict in Syria is spiraling out of control and jeopardizing the entire region with more conflict.


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