UL celebrates their international graduates

Photo by KADN staff

Mayor Durel, President of LEDA Gregg Gothreaux, and President Savoie make students goodwill ambassadors of Lafayette

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 3:37pm

UL's international graduates were celebrated today as the president of Lafayette Economic Development Authority, the president of UL, and the mayor of Lafayette celebrated their achievements with a presentational luncheon.

"I just picked UL because it looked like Louisiana looked like a great region.  I come from France and there is a french heritage here so it was obvious for me to choose UL," says Pauline Lefranc, graduate of UL.

"International students bring all sorts of diversity and view points, and it contributes to the culture and the learning environment for all of our students.  They're really dedicated students, they're good students, and they help our other students understand the importance of education," says Joseph Savoie, President of UL.

Mayor Durel, President Savoie, and Gregg Gothreaux make all of the international graduates goodwill ambassadors of Lafayette.


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