UL Lafayette officially trademarks "GEAUX CAJUNS"

KADN Staff
Monday, June 2, 2014 - 4:36pm

"GEAUX CAJUNS", the rallying cry for UL fans and supporters for over two decades has official earned a federal trademark registration. Federal registration provides UL Lafayette with complete ownership of the famous phrase.

According to university officials "the term has been used by the university, particularly alumni, since the 1980s, and the university has used the term commercially since 2009."  University officials also believe that federally registering or trademarking "GEAUX CAJUNS" will lead to more products being made with the phrase and will allow the university to better capitalize on it's popularity.

A trademark on the phrase allows the university to: hold exclusive rights on the phrase, bring action concerning the phrase in federal court, and gives the university a basis to obtain registration in foreign countries among many other rights. In the near future when you buy UL apparel or merchandise with the phrase "GEAUX CAJUNS" look for the little "®" and you'll know it's official.  


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