UL Police add extra four-legged protection to the force

Photo by KADN staff

New police dog specially trained to sniff out explosives

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 1:19pm

"Oh she's an excellent dog!  She's easy to work.  She has a real hard work ethic, and it's a pleasure to work her," says Sgt. Michael Lasalle, the University Police dog handler.

Meet Pepper.  She joined forces with the University Police nine months ago, and believe it or not drugs are not her specialty.

"She is able to locate explosive holders, all military odors as well as any kind of component that a domestic terrorist would try to use," says Sgt. Lasalle.

Pepper can also find gun parts and shell casings for crime scene investigations.  So what made University Police decide to add K-9 help?

"As an emergency response agency we try to use her as a deterant to crime, so we got her knowing that that's something we needed to do," Sgt. Lasalle says.

And they use her frequently, making random sweeps along the campus and bringing her to big events.  University Police also lend Pepper out to other agencies in the case of bomb threats or bomb scares around the area.

"As an extra security, I feel like as a student that's more safety for me so it's a good thing," says sophomore Qui Nguyen, student at UL.

Other students think only an explosive detection dog is all the University Police need on campus.

"It's a good thing for sniffing out explosives.  I mean the time that we live in it's a good thing, but if it's for anything more than that no, it wouldn't be a good thing," says senior Derrick Garrick, student at UL.

Pepper is only two and a half years old, and soon she might have other K-9's by her side.  University Police are looking for other dogs with other specialties to make this campus the safest that it can be.


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