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UL starting renovations in the spring on their architect building Fletcher Hall

State finally funding this emergency project

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 11:13am

Fletcher Hall was built in 1976 and leaked from the start.  It has always had a problem with leaking.  It became an emergency situation when water started to cause failure of the exterior skin of the building.  Pieces of the exterior started to fall off of the building.  The Director of Facility Management at UL says the renovations of Fletcher Hall have been at an emergency state for years, and now the state has finally helped out with funding.

"So we finally did get some funding, it wasn't easy to do but we finally got some.  While it's not enough to do everyhting we'd like to do it's certainly enough to make the building safer," says William "Bill" Crist, Director of Facility Management at UL.

The state is giving this project $4.2 million.  $3.2 million is going straight toward the construction itself.  The other part is going toward the designers and for other expenses related to the work.


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