Upper Lafayette residents call for an end to arson fires in their community

KADN Staff
Friday, June 20, 2014 - 4:38pm

Residents of Upper Lafayette and the downtown area are growing more and more concerned and frustrated with the house fires that have hit their community over the last eight days. Many of them see this "senseless" criminal act as an alarming sign of the difficulties Upper Lafayette residents face, and they wan't it to stop. 

We spoke with a few residents about the fires and the growinig concern for their neighborhoods.

"That ain't a thing to do, setting houses on fire. You know they need to find something else to do with their time. You know I think it's really a sad situation."

"This is senseless and destroying peoples lives. I am nervous about it because it could happen. It's vacant houses right now, but you know you never how far it could go, to where they might starting setting houses with people living in it on fire. So I am nervous about it."

"I think it was just an evil, malicious attack and we're taught by our pastor that we are to pray for those that does evil things and let God deal with him in his own way. "

"It's senseless, why? "

Another fire happened this morning further north, in Opelousas. The fire happened on the 500 block of East North Street. Investigators aren't official calling it an arson fire, but think it may have not been accidental.

The alarming number of house fires in Lafayette and the areas outside the city limits is becoming a serious issue, one with serious consequences that affects people lives.


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