US Air Force Sergeant on trial for manslaughter for killing Krotz Springs firefighter Michael Hall

Photo taken by KADN Staff.

US Air Force Sgt. Jason Rolls claiming Justifiable Homicide--others think it was premeditated

Monday, April 22, 2013 - 4:35pm

With a twelve person jury in place, US Air Force Sgt. Jason Rolls trial finally began today.

Rolls is charged with Manslaughter. He's accused of killing his wife's ex-husband, the former Krotz Springs firefighter Michael Hall.

It's been three years since the Krotz Springs firefighter was killed, and still what happened that night is debatable.

Rolls says just hours after his wedding, Hall showed up at their house and attacked them. He says there was a struggle so he grabbed a gun and shot Hall in self-defense.

"I don't think the facts are really in dispute. I think we all agree on what happened. I think the law is very, very clear on this and I think a jury will make a correct decision," says Rolls's defense attorney Thomas Alonzo.

But some people say Hall was set up.

"Looks like it's a lot of lies there, and a lot of deception. Phone records, to statements, to just the evidence, and I think the physical evidence outweighs the circumstansial evidence in this case." says Chief of Police in Krotz Springs Norman Mouille. "Phone records tell the whole truth. Phone records show that this man right here was murdered."

Ultimately, it's up to the jury to decide.


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