U.S. Representative Boustany Says VA Clinics Are In Planning Stage

KADN Staff
Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 3:48pm

The Veterans Affairs clinic has been hot topic for discussion for quite sometime now, and it continues finally on a positive note with the President signing off on the clinics just a few weeks ago.

One immense supporter of the the VA Clinics is U.S. Representative Charles Boustany, who took a strong public stance on getting theses clinics improved as well as building new locations from the day he stepped in office.

Boustany was speaking at the Rotary Club Luncheon this afternoon and her said he could not be happier that the men and women who sacrificed so much for this country will now finally have a proper clinic to start receiving the best healthcare they they earned and deserve.

"The path way is clear. The authorization or the authority to build the clinics is in place. There are no impediments now form a congressional stand point. The money will be there. Now it is up to the VA to put out the bids and get this process started." said Boustany.

"I got a letter from them recently that said February they plan to have their decision made on locations and then hopefully we will see the construction."

U.S. Representative Boustany was also present at the local library tonight as a guest speaker for the VA Coalition that meets up to discuss topics and needs of the veterans.

Aside from the improvements that the Lafayette VA clinic will be seeing, Lake Charles will also receive their very first clinic in part to the fight that Boustany helped see to the finish.  


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