Woman speaks out about death of her daughter nearly 19 years ago

Image by Rachel Deville.
Monday, April 29, 2013 - 4:54pm

A mother’s grief over the loss of her infant child has been compounded by the fact that the man who claimed responsibility has not served a day of his two-year sentence. Now, 19 years after her daughter’s death, she believes she will finally gain some closure.

Stanley White was involved in a car wreck that killed a 11 month old girl. He was sentenced to 24-months, but because of a mistake, he never went to jail.

“Her birthdays coming up May 20, she would be making 19," said Rachel Deville, the victims mother.

Rachel Deville has been grieving for almost 19 years, that’s when Brittany, her little girl was taken away from her. And now, those memories are haunting her once again.

"It's crazy we were finally in a good place with all of this and then it comes," noted Deville.

It happened on Airline Highway in Gonzales. Stanley White, the driver, was drunk when he hit Deville, killing her daughter. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

“After courts over with then try and move on,” said Deville.

A mistake was made within the Ascension Parish court system, leaving White free to roam the streets. And after the Attorney General got involved, the case has opened once again.

"For her she deserves justice,” stated Deville. “I know it’s been a long time but he pled guilty to it."

And now Deville is looking for some real closure and an end to what she says is a nearly two-decade long running nightmare.

"Were hoping that it’s taking care of and we can start healing again.”

White will be back in court on Friday.


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