World Cup fever hits local youth soccer

KADN Staff
Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 6:11pm

Although the US lost to Germany today in group play of the World Cup in Brazil they will still be moving on to the round of 16. Many people didn't expect the US to make it out of it's difficult group pairing, but it's got many people across the country more tuned into soccer than ever before.

We spoke Michael Ritch, executive director of the Lafayette Youth Soccer Association and the Cajun Soccer Club about their plans to celebrate the World Cup with local residents.  

"We're going to broadcast the final. We're going to get a big screen out in the park. We're going to play, have some soccer activities, maybe some 3 vs. 3, food and drink. Everybody come out, enjoy it. It's basically just getting everybody together, watch the game, build it, you know build the excitement for soccer, try to get everyone in the community to support it and get behind it. "

"And get a big crowd out there. There's always a push during the World Cup time whether it's the Women's World Cup, whether it's the Men's World Cup you know you always get that added excitement. So people are, well I'm going to register for soccer, and we've already seen early registration that we normally don't see. Normally people wait till the end, but now soccer is going now so it's on their mind."

Lafayette Youth Soccer Association's World Cup Finals broadcast will be at Parc International downtown. Doors open Sunday, July 13th at 11:00am. The World Cup finals play begins at 2:00pm central time. Admission is free. Ritch hopes that events such as this can continue to grow the world's most popular sport here in Acadiana.



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