Zachary business owners worried construction could hurt business

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 3:00pm

Ask most anyone who drives down Main Street in Zachary and they'll tell you the corridor is causing a lot of problems.

"There's a lot of accidents when the traffic gets at it's peak time," Dana Hanchey, a Zachary business owner and resident, said.

That's why officials from the city of Zachary are finalizing plans with DOTD to widen the road, by adding a turn lane.

"Any business you try and come out of and go left down that way, it's almost impossible. You know I never thought I would live long enough to see Zachary have that problem. But it is a major problem," Mayor David Amrhein added.

But in a corridor that accounts for 54% of the city's sales tax income, a large construction project could spell trouble for business.

"We do fear that it will cut in to our business. People will pretty much want to stay away from the construction site," Hanchey added.

Mayor Amrhein said keeping business booming while construction crews are moving is a top priority for the city.

"We believe that the fifth lane will allow the least amount of disruption of business that we could have possibly come up with. Realizing with the growth comes some problems," Amrhein continued.

While those with businesses to run along the main street corridor say they're still a little apprehensive, they do agree it's time to match the size of the roads in Zachary with the rapid growth.

"The center turning lane is needed. I think everybody dreads the construction project but it is something that is very much needed in the town.

Mayor Amrhein said DOTD will start taking bids on construction in November of this year. If all goes according to plan, he said construction should start early next year, and will last for about 18 months.


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