Former Lafayette Businessman Lawmaker Louis Michot Dies

Former state lawmaker Louis Michot has died. The 89 year old was well known as a businessman lawmaker and all around good person.

Governor Jindal Working On Explanation Of New Plan To Make Louisiana Schools Better

With the start of the 2012 session just days away Governor Jindal is working quickly to explain his plan on how to make Louisiana schools better.

Iberia Parish Deputies Make Drug Bust Of 14 Pounds Of Weed

In Iberia parish deputies say they pulled 14 pounds of weed off the streets. They say most of it was found at a trailer on Nico Town Road.

Gentry Richards In Jail For Slashing Mans Throat

A Lafayette man is recovering after his throat was slashed early this morning.

LGMC Healthcare named top in State

At Lafayette General Medical Center, Hospital leaders are excited about being named number one in the state for General Surgery.

Manning to leave Colts after 14th Season

After 14 seasons with the Colts, quarterback "Peyton Manning" is apparently "done" in Indianapolis. That's according to ESPN.

Saints Bounty Program still undecided on NOLA fate

The GM and head coach for the New Orleans Saints releasing a joint statement tonight. On the "Bounty Program" scandal.

Crowd Gathers To Protest And Prevent Cuts At University Medical Center

Today protestors gathered outside University Medical Center hoping to make a difference and stop cuts from happening there.

Lafayette Man In Jail For Brutal Beating Of His Male Partner

A man accused of brutally beating his boyfriend remains in the Lafayette parish correctional center tonight.

25 Year Old Mother Accused of Breaking Her Daughters Leg Remains In Jail

A 25 year old mother from Duson remains in the Lafayette parish jail tonight accused of breaking her little girl's leg. Lafayette sheriff's investigators say Cassidi Davis was frustrated her child wouldn't stop crying.