American idol star gets his wish of Louisiana cuisine

Louisiana is making sure one of our idol contestants doesn't go too long without some home-cookin!

Easter weekend big for seafood industry

Easter weekend a huge one for seafood! And business here in Louisiana is booming! Whether it's crawfish, shrimp, or crab, prices are just right for your Easter feast!

Congressman Boustany visits U-L

Congress is on break for Easter and many politicians are returning to their home districts to talk with their constituents. Congressman Charles Boustany hosted a town hall meeting at U-L Lafayette.

Labor department says unemployment is still on the rise

After some initial signs that the job market was improving. The latest report out of Washington tells us otherwise. According to the labor department - only 120,000 jobs were added last month.

Pope leads way of the cross ceremony

Pope Benedict marked good Friday by leading "the way of the cross" procession in Rome. The walk is broken into stations marking events from Jesus being sentencing to death to his crucifixion and his burial.

Acadiana cane cutters prepare to cut out the competition

The Acadiana cane cutters are starting their second season in the Texas collegiate league. they're gonna host "thirty" regular season games and they'll also hit the road for 30 more.

Educators upset over Jindal's education reform proposal

While senators looked over the bills hundreds of educators protested on the steps of the captiol. many of them driving for hours to the capitol.

Louisiana senate approves teacher tenure bill

The Louisiana senate has approved a bill that would make it harder for teachers to keep tenure. They passed the bill after about two hours of debate.

L-U-S water fight continues

The water fight between the city of Broussard and L-U-S is reaching a boiling point tonight. The utility company wants a judge to rule that Broussard breached its wholesale water contract with L-U-S.

Lafayette Sheriffs Office commences reaccreditation

The Lafayette Parsih Sheriff's Office is working to get re-accredited. Part of the process includes community input and on Sunday April 15 you'll have your chance to share your thoughts.