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Law Enforemcent Out In Full Force

UPDATED -- State troopers have been out throughout this holiday weekend and will be out especially today. Authorities are making sure the roads are safe.

Friendly Reminder Involving Fireworks

UPDATED -- Lafayette Consolidated Government is allowing the popping of fireworks in outside the city limits. They are still illegal inside city limits.

Price of Powerball Ticket Is Going Up

Starting next year, prices for a Powerball ticket will double from one dollar to two. But there is a payoff. The jackpots will start at $40 million. Right now, the jackpots start at $20 million.

People Will Decide Whether to Improve Facilities In the Parish

The Lafayette Parish School Board wants the people to decide on whether or not to pay for $560 million in improvements to facilities in the parish. The board adopted the proposal in a five to three vote Wednesday night.

Historical Items Returned Back To Museum

Historical items taken from the Delta Music Museum in Ferriday are back where they belong. In May, museum officials move the artifacts to higher ground after fears the Mississippi River could flood the museum.

Three More Cars Pulled From the Vermillion River

For a second time in weeks, the Lafayette Sheriffs Department and the Calcasieu Parish dive team spent part of their day in the Vermillion River pulling out cars. Yesterday marked the end of the long process.

Woman Robbed On the Way To Work

The incident happened around 5:00am yesterday morning on the 600 block of Orchid. Police said the woman was walking out of her house when a man pointed a gun at her. He then told her to give him money.

Police Investigate A Burglary

The burglary happened just after midnight in an apartment complex on Dulles Drive. Police said three black men knocked on a door at the complex.

Grandfather Locked Up For Abusing Grandchild

Deputies in Iberia Parish said a 7 year old was burned by his grandfather. Now Daniel Joseph is locked up and facing charges. Deputies said they got the call Tuesday night.

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Tylenol Extra Strength

A moldy odor is forcing Johnson & Johnson to recall more than 60,000 bottles of Tylenol Extra Strength caplets. The odor could be linked to a trace chemical.