Tax May Be Added To Christmas Trees

A real Christmas tree might cost a little more to deck the halls this holiday season. The White House wants to add a $0.15 cent tax on Christmas trees!

New Type of Barbie Available

A certain type of Barbie Doll is in hot demand. Tokidoki Barbie has tattoos all over her body! The doll was released last month and is now sold out.

Dry Cleaner Owner Pleads Guilty To Dumping Chemicals

Jason Bruno, 38, owns One Low Price Cleaners in Lafayette. Bruno dumped dangerous dry cleaning chemicals down the drain because he did not want to pay a special company to take the waste away.

Wild Turkeys Are Nuisance In Erath

Residents in Erath said they are scared of wild turkeys wandering through their neighborhood. That is why the police jury decided to allow Animal Control officers to pick up the turkeys just as they would stray dogs and cats.

Some City Parish Employees Endorse Jared Doise

Sam Dore, a District 6 City Parish Councilman, joined City Parish President Joey Durel and Tax Assessor Conrad Comeaus in endorsing Jared Doise at a press conference held yesterday.

The Jindals Vote Early

Governor Bobby Jindal and his wife, Supriya, hit the polls yesterday. They stopped at the EBR Registrar of Voters Office to cast their votes for the November 19th run off elections.

Ragin Cajuns Hope To Recruit More Fans

Lafayette General Medical Center has teamed up with UL Coach Mark Hudspeth and the Cajun Athletic Department by providing all newborns at the hospital with a children's book called, Born To Be A Ragin Cajun.

Exciting Win For the Ragin Cajuns

The comeback win over UL Monroe has been called one of the most exciting wins in Ragin Cajuns football history! The Ragin Cajuns scored two touchdowns in the final three minutes of the game for a thrilling 36 to 35 victory.

Football Chin Straps Being Recalled

More than half a million Under Armour football chin straps are being recalled! That is because the metal snap on the Under Armour Defender variety is sharp enough to cut another player.

Listeria Outbreak Sparks Lawsuits

According to the Denver Post, Jensen Farms in Colorado does not have enough insurance to cover the estimated $100 million in damages that could eventually result from the deaths and illnesses.