Masked Gunman Robbing Women In Slidell

Police said a masked gunman is kidnapping young women and making them drive to the ATM. Three women have fell victim to an unknown suspect.

Three More Infants Get Sick From Cronobacter Bacteria

UPDATED -- The Feds said four babies have gotten sick and they still do not understand why. The first victim died after consuming Enfamil Newborn formula.

Acadiana Experiences Large Harvest of Acorns

In fact, there is an abundance of acorns all across the southern states

Prices of Powerball Tickets Go Up This Month

The price of a Powerball ticket is doubling to two dollars. Organizers believe with the promise of bigger payoffs, this change will draw more people to the Powerball game.

Losing Weight Tops New Year's Resolutions

Local gyms said they always see memberships increase right after the New Year but after about a month and a half later, a lot of people lose momentum and stop showing up. They said that this happens for a number of reasons.

Sears & K-Mart Stores In Louisiana Not On List To Close Right Now

On Friday, seventy-nine locations were named but more location closings are expected. Stores in Florida are the hardest hit to date. Eleven Sears and K-Marts are closing there.

Man Accused of Robbing People In His Apartment Complex

Friday morning Lafayette Parish Sheriff deputies said they received a call from a tenant living in the Marigny Circle Apartment Complex. The tenant said someone was knocking on his door trying to sell candy.

Small Packages May Cause Consumers To Eat Less

Experts said starting this year companies will be luring consumers in by shrinking packaging to make products cheaper!

Dense Fog Advisory tonight

Fog should begin to develop quickly after sunset with dense fog likely occurring around 9pm through 6am tomorrow, New Year's Day, after the front moves through. It is likely that visibility will be less than one quarter mile at times.

40 Car Pile Up Shuts Down Traffic In New Orleans

Yesterday both sides of I-10 was off limits as crews tried to clear the debris . Several big rigs were among vehicles involved in the early morning crash. Two people were killed and about sixty others injured.