Huge Steps Taken to Brace for Severe Flooding

Help is on the way.  The state's request for federal money has been approved. If anyone lives along the Atchafalaya or Mississippi rivers they will need to make plans now to evacuate.

Two Have Been Rescued; One Still Missing

The man who went missing over last weekend still has not been found.

Bin Laden is dead; Taliban vows to avenge his death

UPDATED -- Al Qaeda confirmed the death of their leader Friday. The terrorist group posted an internet message that Osama Bin Laden was indeed killed by US Navy Seals.

Security On Subways Increases

Officials are beefing up security on subways after new information shows Al Qaeda was planning to attack America's Rail System.

Yvette Girouard Is Retiring

The woman who started the UL Softball Program over three decades ago coached in her last regular season games this past weekend After 30 years on the diamond, she said it is time to enjoy the little things in life.

Tony the Tiger Will Be Getting A New Home

Tony the Tiger will no longer be the main attraction at a gas station in Grosse Tete. A judge said the big cat will have to be removed from his cage along side I-10.

Person That Burned American Flag Is Arrested

UPDATED -- The man accused of burning an American Flag at LSU was arrested yesterday. University police said Isaac Eslava, 23, ripped the flag down from the War Memorial hours after word got out that Bin Laden was killed.

Evacuations Can Start As Early As Monday

Statewide evacuations of people and animals could start as early as Monday. At Angola, the water is already coming over the top of a nearby levee.

President Obama Pays Tribute to 9-11 Victims

President  layed a wreath where almost 3,000 Americans lost their lives. The President payed his respects at The World Trade Center in solemn remembrance of 9-11 victims.

X-Factor Tryouts Held Yesterday

The X-Factor tryouts was a huge success in Lafayette! Whoever wins the Fox 15 auditions will be heading to Dallas on us and are guaranteed an audition in front of     X-factor producers.