Home prices fall in major cities

The price of a home in a majority of cities across the country has fallen to its lowest level since the crash of the housing market. That is according to Standard and Poors Case Shiller index.

New Orleans' Saints releases Jeremy Shockey

New Orleans has released tight-end, Jeremy Shockey, after three seasons with the club. The announcement was made yesterday afternoon. Shockey is coming off the least productive season of his career.

Proposed immediate and long term help to education and health care

"We must make education and health care a priority," said Governor Bobby Jindal to a group of hundreds of students and government officials on UL's campus.

The federal government could face a shut down

The federal government has just days to ink out an extension or face a shut down. The issue is how much our government should be spending.

National average for a gallon of gas is up

The pain at the pump will hit you straight in the wallet. The national average for a gallon of gas has jumped more than five cents these past two weeks to $3.18 for regular.

A new iPad could be coming soon

A new iPad could be coming out soon. According to a number of apple bloggers, retailers around the world are reporting low inventories of the current model.

New details on the investigation involving Murphy Painter

New details on the investigation into the former head of the State's Alcohol and Tobacco Control Board. Inspector general Stephen Street says Murphy Painter displayed a quote, "outrageous abuse of authority."

Former Louisiana Governor Roemer may run for president

Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer is headed to Iowa in a few weeks to test the waters for a possible presidential run. Many folks we talked with do not give the repulican much of a chance.

Ikea recalls a line of baby cribs

IKEA is recalling a line of baby cribs because of a problem with the mattress and frame. The four bolts used to secure the mattress to the frames of the  are too short.

Louisiana schools proposed new science program by former astronaut

If one former astronaut has her way, Louisiana students will have a new and interactive science curriculum very shortly.