Jindal Reacts To Penn State Scandal

Governor Jindal is acting quickly because of the alleged incidents that happened at Penn State. Jindal never wants anything like those incidents to happen at colleges here.

BP and Other Companies Can Be Sued

A federal judge said Alabama and Louisiana can go after BP and other companies involved with last year's oil spill.

More Oil Spotted In Gulf of Mexico

BP is cleaning it up. Four hundred people and fifty boats are cleaning up the mess on Horn Island near Mississippi. BP said they can get the job done in about a week if the weather cooperates.

Federal Emergency Money Coming To Louisiana

About $400 million in federal emergency money is headed to Louisiana. The cash from FEMA will help protect the state against future storms.

Hudspeth Speaks At Lecture

Yesterday the Independent and Iberia Bank teamed up for part of their lecture series. UL Head Coach, Mark Hudspeth, was the main speaker!

Man Who Robbed Mill's Cashway Pharmacy Is Caught

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office said they have found the man responsible for robbing Mill's Cashway Pharmacy in October. Detectives said they found Marlon Antwone Martin's  DNA at the crime scene.

Andy Naquin Endorsed By A State Representative

Jared Doise and Andy Naquin, both Republicans, are running for City Parish Council seat for District 6! Experts said this election is too close to call. Both candidates have picked up several endorsements.

Keep Cost of Thanksgiving In Budget

With the cost of the average Thanksgiving meal up this year from last year, experts say start shopping early. Like right now!

Pierre and Hardy Faced Off In Heated Debate

District 44 candidates, Vincent Pierre and Rickey Hardy faced off at a debate held at the campus of UL Lafayette yesterday.

Louisiana Doctor Supports Ex-Girlfriend's Claims About Herman Cain

Yesterday Dr. Victor Zuckerman,a pediatrician, said he was dating Sharon Bialek in 1997 when she claims the incident occurred. Zuckerman said they sat next to Cain during a luncheon and later went to an after party with him.