LeBron has more reasons to leave

 Did Boston just punch LeBron's ticket out of Cleveland?

Video: Rosenthal on Hillman firing

The Royals fired manager Trey Hillman and Ken Rosenthal thinks other skippers could get the ax soon.

Celtics knock LeBron out of playoffs

Celtics complete upset of top-seeded Cavs.

Celtics knock LeBron out of playoffs

LeBron's season comes to a shocking end.

'Saggy Pant's' Bill doesn't pass House

BATON ROUGE - The 'Saggy Pants' Bill as it's been called, was shot down in the state House Wednesday. The legislation was originally proposed by Representative Rickey Hardy of Lafayette, who called the act of wearing your pants so low your underwe

Why we should not take Cushing's word

Cushing's excuse for positive test smells of B.S.

Latos 1-hits Giants for Padres

Mat Latos allowed just a single that deflected off him for a one-hitter and drove in the lone run, leading the first-place San Diego Padres to their second sweep of the San Francisco Giants this season with a 1-0 victory Thursday.

K.C. fires manager Hillman; Yost takes over

The Royals make Trey Hillman the first fired manager of 2010.