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Dog Dies of Heat Exhaustion After Chasing Suspects

The incident happened after the dog started chasing two teen suspects. Accoridng to St. Martin Parish Sheriff deputies, the dog ran after the suspects after they climbed over the jail's fence.

Jim Tucker Will Be Campaigning For New Position

Louisiana's Speaker of the House has his sights set on a new job. Jim Tucker announced he is running for Secretary of State in the October election.

Friday Night Football Just Around the Corner!

Local radio station KXKW recently hosted a kick-off luncheon for Carenco fans. The head coach of the Golden Bears was there and said he knows why his stands stay packed.

Wierd Twist In Fatal Train Wreck

Detectives said Greg Renodo, 21, the man who was hit by a train in Scott Friday, also is the same man who stabbed a woman in Rayne about two hours earlier! Witnesses said Renodo threw himself in front of the train.

Officers Find Stolen Merchandise Inside of U-Haul

St. Martin Parish deputies found stolen tires inside of a stolen U-Haul. The deputies found the truck stuck in a ditch on the Doyle Melancon extension in Breaux Bridge.

Police Officers Convicted For Violating Civil Rights

Five New Orleans police officers have been convicted of Civil Rights violations. The federal jury found the current and former officers guilty for the 2005 shootings.

Experts Are Seeing More Louisiana Companies Going Green

Companies like Kleinpeter Dairy has decided to go green.  In the last several years the company has found creative ways to recycle and save energy!

Tax Free Weekend

This past weekend was a tax free back to school shopping weekend. According to the Department of Revenue, consumers were given a 4% break Friday and Saturday at stores all across the state.

Biggest Child Pornography Bust In U.S. History Has Louisiana Link

"Some of the children featured in these images and videos were just infants, and in many cases the children being victimized were in obvious and also intentional pain," exclaimed Eric Holder, Attorney General.

Acadiana School Conselor Sentenced For Having Sex With A Minor

A Lafayette judge handed Allison Hargrave, 40, a thirty year sentence in prison yesterday for having sex with a 14 year old student.