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Mom Allegedly Leaves Kids In Hot Car

The incident apparently happened in May. Three children were found unconscious in a car. 

BP Capped Well Head A Year Ago Friday

Last Friday made a year since  BP capped the well head that spilled millions of gallons of oil into the gulf. For the one year anniversary, the company unveiled new safety standards for deepwater drilling.

Louisiana Father's Journey Inspire Others Along the Way

Bill Steele walked from Baton Rouge to Houston in under 20 days this past March. Steele's goal was to support his son who had been fighting a rare form of cancer.

Louisiana Serve Commission Wants People To Volunteer

The Louisiana Serve Commission kicks off a new campaign to increase the number of volunteers in the state. Their new website makes it easy to search for places that need help.

Opelousas City Hall Under Investigation

Four independent audits have uncovered what is believed to be some shady business conducted by Mayor Donald Cravins, other members of his staff, and the Opelousas Housing Authority.

Louisiana Shrimpers Still Struggle 16 Months After Oil Spill

Kim Champlin has been a shrimper for 35 years. Champlin said the combination of low shrimp prices, high gas prices, and the lingering myth of bad shrimp are making his job nearly impossible to do.

Former First Lady Betty Ford Layed To Rest

Family and friends said their final goodbyes to Former First Lady Betty Ford, yesterday. Ford's funeral was in the same Michigan Church where she and Gerald Ford were married over 60 years ago.

Crowley Police Investigates A Series of Car Thefts

Crowley Police are investigating a rash of attempted and actual vehicle thefts from within the city. These incidents have been occurring for the past two weeks.

Shaquille O' Neal Has A New Job

Shaquille O' Neal has already hung up his jersey but he is not straying too far from the court. Turner Sports has hired him to be an NBA analyst.

Millions of Americans May Not Get Social Security Checks Next Month

"I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," explained President Obama.