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Transparency bill voted down

A bill that would have allowed access to secret records in the governor's office is dead. The Transparency bill was voted down 59-36 in the house.

BP station owners fealing the heat

BP gas stations say they are paying the price as anger over the crisis in the Gulf continues.

Divers take to the oily Gulf

As scientists begin to predict higher amounts of crude in the water, diver's take to the seas to catch an underwater glimpse.

BP to begin burning syphoned oil

British Petroleum says they may begin burning much of the oil collected by the cap, which siphons oil to the surface. BP says they will use a device called an ever-green burner.

Oil spill continues to flow

Oil continues to spew in the ocean since the rig exploded 50 days ago. Locals and tourists are doing their best to not let the crude get them down, but the spill is making it's presence known more each day.

Welfare bill dies in Senate committee

A controversial welfare bill failed to make it past a Senate committee. The measure would have required random drug testing for anyone receiving financial assistance.

GM recalling 1.5M vehicles over fire concerns

WASHINGTON – General Motors Co.

Cajundome to host tourney one last time

The talk of the top 28 basketball tournament leaving Lafayette is still on the mind's of many with it moving to Shreveport. The Cajundome will host next year's competition for the final time after 14 years of success.

UL's season comes to a close

The Ragin' Cajun season has come to a close. UL won their first game against the Rice owls on friday, but lost Saturday's game against Texast 2-4.

LDWF Amends Fishing Closures in Portion of Barataria Basin

BATON ROUGE (June 6, 2010) - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Secretary Robert Barham announced the following action in a portion of the Barataria Basin in Plaquemines parish effective sunset today, June 6, 2010, due to oil