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Bath Salts Causes Hallucinations

A group of  Ohio teens decided to mix the synthetic drug with Mountain Dew. They all had to go to the hospital after hallucinating. Bath salts were declared illegal in the state of Louisiana.

Lawmaker Gets Drunk Driving Charge Tossed

An Acadiana lawmaker's decision to drink and drive was caught on a dash board cam. State Representative, Bobby Badon, of Carencro started name dropping and basically begging the state trooper not arrest him in the video.

Cigarette Tax Renewal Still Possible

Representative Harold Ritchie made a motion to include it in a constitutional amendment. It would attach the four cent tax to a bill that supports Lousiana's TOPS Program.

FDA Will Add New Warnings To Cigarette Packs

This latest push comes as the FDA releases new graphic warnings. The warnings will go on every single pack of cigarette starting next year.

Drought Causes Mosquito Population To Dwindle

According to experts, the drought has wiped out a lot of the mosquito population. There is not much standing water which makes it harder for mosquitos to reproduce.

UL's Campus Gets A Facelift

Although most students are on summer break, there is still alot of activity going on. Several old dorms are being either remodeled or torn down completely.

BP To Recieve $75 Million Settlement

BP has reached an out of court settlement with one of the companies it contracted for work on the Deepwater Horizon Rig. The deal means Weatherford U.S. will pay BP $75 million.

Louisiana Is Finally Finished Redistricting

The restructuring of the House's 105 seats has the green light from the U.S. Justice Department. The approval comes even though black lawmakers said there are not enough minority districts.

Insurance Commissioner Urges Everyone To Get Storm Coverage

There are no hurricanes in the Atlantic so far but experts predict a very busy season. Louisiana's Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, is hoping everyone gets solid storm coverage before its too late.

Nungesser No Longer Supports Dardenne

Billy Nungesser and the current Lieutenant Governor, Jay Dardenne, will both be vying for the same post. This comes as a shock for the Dardenne's camp.