Police Investigate A Burglary

The burglary happened just after midnight in an apartment complex on Dulles Drive. Police said three black men knocked on a door at the complex.

Grandfather Locked Up For Abusing Grandchild

Deputies in Iberia Parish said a 7 year old was burned by his grandfather. Now Daniel Joseph is locked up and facing charges. Deputies said they got the call Tuesday night.

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Tylenol Extra Strength

A moldy odor is forcing Johnson & Johnson to recall more than 60,000 bottles of Tylenol Extra Strength caplets. The odor could be linked to a trace chemical.

Lafayette Has A New Teen Star

It is all because of an up and coming star. Cody Simpson is his name and he is already being called the new Justin Beiber. Cody made a stop yesterday to greet some of his fans.

Service Members Get Together For Ride to Recovery

Almost 150 wounded service members were on their way to France last night. It is part of the road to recovery. It is a series of ride events across important World War II sites.

Bobby Badon Has An Opponent For His Seat

Don Menard has officially thrown his hat in the race. Menard who lives in St. Landry Parish is a small businessman who has been in politics since he was twenty-one years old.

Federal Officials Have To Approve Senate Districts

The Louisiana Senate is waiting for federal officials to okay the redesign of the Senate's 39 districts. The plan was okayed in Baton Rouge during the Legislative Special Session.

Lafayette Lawmaker Wants To Be Next Speaker of the House

Independent, Joel Robideaux, is the speaker Pro Temp. right now and he is trying for the next job up. Robideaux is not the only one wanting the job.

Expanded Tax Break For Parents With Kids In Private Schools

Bobby Jindal is expanding a tax break for parents who send their children to private schools. The bill was signed by the Governor earlier this week. The tax break was capped at half of the money spent on education.

Financial Trouble For St. Landry Parish School System

According to reports, the Superintendent, Michael Nassif is headed to the board to try and cut expenses. School officials are working to shave a deficit of just over $4.5 million which they had that at the end of May.