New App For Plastic Surgery Now Available

Louisiana Plastic Surgeon, John Kaplan, has created an iPhone app that allows a person to crunch numbers in minutes.

BP Money Could Fund Next Superfest

Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne said he is on board with using BP money to help fund next year's Bayou Country Superfest.

Dangerous Heat Today & Tomorrow

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines Heat Stroke as: Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related illness.

Session 2011 Ended Last Night

In just under two months, almost a thousand bills crossed lawmaker's desks. Republicans said taxpayers should be proud of the way their money was spent this session.

Fall Election For District 44 Seat

The session has ended and the race for the state representative seat in District 44 heats up! Vincent Pierre announced he is running for the post against incumbent Rickey Hardy.

Oil Spill Blame Game Continues

Transocean, the owner of the Deepwater Horizon Rig recently released a report saying the oil spill in the gulf was BP's fault.

Local Shrimpers Continue To Struggle

Local shrimpers said they are still suffering from the oil spill and their struggles are only getting worse. That is why hundreds of them from Venice to Grand Isle hit the steps of the State Capitol yesterday.

Dardenne Talks About Oil Spill Impact On Tourism

Lieutenant Governor, Jay Dardenne, had a lot to say about the oil spill yesterday at a luncheon in Baton Rouge. He talked about the long term impacts it will have on tourism.

'Eat Lafayette' Campaign Has Started

There is a huge campaign to get everyone eating at locally owned restaurants. 'Eat Lafayette' is here and the event kicked off Tuesday night at the Acadiana Arts Center downtown.

Bath Salts Causes Hallucinations

A group of  Ohio teens decided to mix the synthetic drug with Mountain Dew. They all had to go to the hospital after hallucinating. Bath salts were declared illegal in the state of Louisiana.