Young Boy Drowns In Amite

It's a horrible feeling, a horrible feeling, very horrible," exclaimed Jenella Ford. Jenella Ford is suffering the pain of losing her youngest child, Gregory.

Bill Could Become Law To Keep Sex Offenders Off Facebook

The proposal to keep sex offenders off Facebook has cleared another hurdle. House Bill 55 was given the green light by the Senate yesterday.

Bill Did Not Pass Banning Cell Phone Usage While Driving

UPDATED -- The bill that would have forced Louisiana drivers to put down their cell phones, was shot down by the House yesterday.

New Reports of Oil On Louisiana's Coast

UPDATED -- The oil sighting was found by the coast guard around 7:00am Wednesday morning. Plaqumines Parish President, Billy Nungesser, said it could be from the BP oil spill.

Louisiana May Experience Poor Air Quality

DEQ said the heat along with no wind and smoke from wildfires in Arizona is a cause for concern. The department has issued six ozone action days in a row.

Two Agents Gunned Down By A Business Owner

UPDATED -- Just days after two state investigators were shot and killed in Ville Platte people are still trying to make sense of what happned.

Purse Snatcher Is Not Bret Lee Luckett Thompson

Authorities said a recent purse snatching in New Iberia has nothing to do with a nation-wide search for an alleged rapist.

State May Get Rid of State Income Tax?

There is a possibility state income taxes could get nixed. The bill is up for debate. Getting rid of income tax, will attract more businesses to the state.

Recycling Prisoners' Prescriptions Could Save Louisiana Money

The state spends a million dollars a year, filling prescriptions for prisoners. The Department of Corrections said they can use left over pills from prisoners who are released to fill other inmate's medicine needs.

Louisiana Youth Concussion Act Could Become Law

Soon young athletes in the state of Louisiana will have to get a doctor's release if they are seriously injured while playing sports. That was the word from the State Capitol yesterday.