Appeal is filed for Derrick Todd Lee to get a new trial

Derrick Todd Lee's attorney wants a new trial for the convicted serial killer. Gary Clements filed an appeal Friday just before the deadline. In 2004, Lee was sentenced to death, for killing Charlotte Murray Pace.

Attorney Susan Theall will run for Family Court Judge

Lafayette Attorney Susan Theall announced she is running for Family Court Judge.

Taxes are due today

The tax are due today but if you still need more time, don't worry. Simply file a Form 4868 by today, pay any taxes you think you owe and you have six additional months to file.

Saturday was household chemical drop off day

This past Saturday was a household chemical drop off day that took place at the Cajun Field

Price of catfish going up

The price of US farm raised catfish is going up. According to the Wall Street Journal, that is because farmers are having to pay double to feed them.

Price of crawfish levels off just in time for Good Friday

This season got off to a slow start and the recent cool nights sent the price soaring.

Ford F-150 recall

The auto giant is expanding its recall of the Ford F-150's They said 1.2 million of them may have airbags that could deploy without warning and hurt you! The recall covers model years 2004 through 2006.

Fatal wreck happened in Broussard yesterday morning

Police said around 10:30 a Dodge truck was trying to turn off US 90 and a cement truck did not stop in time and plowed straight into it. A passenger in the Dodge truck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe drugs are behind an overnight shooting

Crowley police said around 9:00pm Wednesday night on the 200 block of North Avenue Brandon Comeaux, 32, was shot in the head and thigh. Comeaux is in critical condition as of last night.

Lafayette police crack down on underage drinking!

Investigators said their undercover agent was able to buy liquor from these stores because the clerks never asked for an ID! A total of 33 stores were checked during this undercover buy operation.