New information on BP oil rig explosion

It has been nearly a year after the BP oil rig explosion. There is new information into what happened.

Redrawing Louisiana's district lines heats up!

The fight to redraw Louisiana's district lines is heating up and has went viral.

Lawmakers are hoping to up penalties for sex offenders

The maximum penalty for someone who sexually abuses the elderly, the handicapped, or the mentally disabled is only ten years in prison. State Representative Mack "Bodi" White wants to change those laws.

Lafayette man arrested for exposing himself

A Lafayette man arrested yesterday for exposing himself to who he thought was a child on the internet. Police said Allen Desormeaux, 30, actually got naked on his webcam for undercover cops.

Opponents continue to fight against health care reform

One year ago yesterday, health care reform became law but opponents are still fighting it. More than two dozen cases are now in the courts challenging the constitutionality of the law.

New steps taken to stop distracted driving

A device called, Cell Control that was developed here in louisiana is actually being tested by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute.

Yesterday was day two of Special Session

Yesterday was day two of Special Session and Louisiana lawmakers were still trying to figure out how to split up the state's 39 districts.

Louisiana residents are most concerned about budget cuts to higher ed

In a survey done by a LSU research team, shows most people are concerned over state budget cuts.

Two teens are in trouble for allegedly stealing copper

Jacob Pitre, 19 and Troy Mouton,17 are accused of taking the copper wiring off mobile homes in Opelousas last Thursday . Pitre has been locked up in the St. Landry Parish Jail.

Crimestoppers needs help locating a fugitive

Gary Berry, 40, of Egan is wanted for felony theft and theft of a motor vehicle.