Funeral for Coach Shipley is today

A beloved member of the UL family will be laid to rest today. Coach Beryl Shipley's funeral is scheduled for 12:00 noon today at The First Baptist Church of Lafayette.

Crawfish in demand this weekend

If you are looking to get your hands on some mudbugs this weekend, good luck.

Yesterday marked one year since the explosion of Deepwater Horizon

A year ago yesterday, The Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Dramatically changing thousands of lives in an instant.

Recovery on the coast continues

Close to seventy miles of coastline is still covered in anything from moderate to severe oil. Also a thousand square miles of fishing waters are still closed.

Bank robbed on Johnston Street

The Gulf Coast Bank was robbed yesterday. Lafayette police say just after 1:30 a man pulled out a gun and told the teller to give him money. As of right now the suspect is still on the run.

Two people arrested in big drug bust

In Iberia Parish, deputies found four pounds of marijuana, close to 300 grams of cocaine, and about $160,000 dollars cash on Bob Street. Two people were arrested.

Louisiana teachers fed up with cuts to education

Now they are banding together and speaking out. The Coalition for Louisiana Public Education is blaming The Jindal Administration for the problems they see with the state's public school system.

Jindal reflects on one year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill

Governor Bobby Jindal took time out yesterday to mark the one year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill. The governor said this is a good chance to look back over the past year.

Proposed bill could require welfare recipients undergo drug test

Representative John Labruzzo will present this bill for the third year in a row this upcoming session. The bill states that 20% of welfare recipients will have to undergo a drug test.

The town of Scott's growth causes traffic problems!

One couple at the corner of Dalomme and Alfred streets said their once quiet roads are now dangerous because of speeders.