Volkswagen Beetle changes its' look

Out with the new and in with the even newer Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen unveiled its streamlined 2012 bug yesterday. It sports a lower, sleeker look than its bubble-shaped predecessor.

Gas prices continue to rise have some leaders outraged

Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood said even as prices head toward the $5.00 mark nationwide President Obama has no plans to lower the tax on gas or sell strategic petroleum reserves at lower prices.

Vitter hopes to speed up clean up efforts

Senator David Vitter is proposing a law to get things moving now, even though it could take up to ten years to complete the assessment of the problems there.

New information on body pulled out of the Vermillion River last month

The death of Mitch Jackson, 39, was officially been ruled an accident. The Coroner's Office said he died of a drug overdose. Jackson went missing March 4.

Nicholas Cage bonds out of New Orleans jail

Thanks to a little help from Dog the Bounty Hunter, Nicholas Cage is no longer locked up in a New Orleans jail. Sources reveal Dog posted the actor's $11,000 bond Saturday.

Don't get duped by a postcard!

The postcard claims to be a Federal Union Postalgram that says you are eligible for $35,000 dollars from the government. But when you call the number, all you will get is ripped off.

Popular bunny makes his appearance at annual Easter egg hunt

The big rabbit himself hid his goodies at The 14th Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Governor's Mansion. First Lady Supriya Jindal said she's more than happy to keep the Easter tradition alive.

Former fire chief sentenced for having child pornography

Former Gueydan Fire Chief Troy Leblanc was sentenced on Friday in Federal Court. Leblanc was sentenced to 63 months in prison. He pled guilty last October.

Appeal is filed for Derrick Todd Lee to get a new trial

Derrick Todd Lee's attorney wants a new trial for the convicted serial killer. Gary Clements filed an appeal Friday just before the deadline. In 2004, Lee was sentenced to death, for killing Charlotte Murray Pace.

Attorney Susan Theall will run for Family Court Judge

Lafayette Attorney Susan Theall announced she is running for Family Court Judge.