Final Wave of Categories & Nominees Announced for "Teen Choice 2010"

The final wave of nominees has been announced for TEEN CHOICE 2010 airing Monday, Aug. 9 on FOX.

Gator season spilling away

Fisherman and shrimpers are not the only folks in Louisiana hurting from the spill. Alligator farmers are also fearing the worst as oil continues to creep further inland.

Lafayette woman dies after falling from roller coaster

A Lafayette woman died after falling from a roller coaster in Baton Rouge Sunday. Police say 21-year-old Lindsay Zeno fell 30 feet from the X-treme roller coaster while it was running.

Kevin Davis announces his bid for lieutenant governor

The political season for the lieutenant governor is underway. Current Lieutenant Governor Scott Angelle says he's keeping his promise to Governor Jindal and not running for governor.

Chemicals threaten health of coast residents

The health of people living along the coast may be at risk. EPA tests in Venice and Grand Isle, Louisiana have detected chemicals that could pose moderate health risks to vulnerable people.

Why Louisiana has become the Cajun Hollywood

While many businesses are struggling because of the Crisis on the Coast, one industry is booming. That's the film industry.

Acadiana Idol kicks off this weekend

The FOX American Idol has concluded for the season and now it's time for the FOX Acadiana Idol.

Former school counselors hearing begins as scheduled

The hearing for 39-year-old Allison Hargrave is underway. Hargrave is a former school counselor accused of using the internet to force a 14-year-old girl to have sex with her.

4th annual Gulf Brew Beer Festival

The 4th annual Gulf Brew Beer Festival kicks off July 24th at Park International in downtown Lafayette. People around Acadiana will get a chance to hear live music, eat great food and of course sample a variety of beer.

Man finds son dead under carport, foul play suspected

A man in Lafayette found his son, Joseph Dugas, dead under a carport Tuesday morning. His father made the discovery at a vacant house. Police think it could be foul play.