Two men rescused after an oil platform caught fire in the gulf

Two men were rescused by the coast guard after an oil platform caught fire in the gulf. It happened on Sunday on a platform about 50 miles off the Louisiana coast.

Southwest Louisiana Mardi Gras Assocation's king and queen

UPDATED -- The newly crowned Mardi Gras king and queen were obviously very busy yesterday.

Festival de Mardi Gras

Each Lafayette parade ends at Cajunfield but the fun is just starting for the Festival de Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras carnival season in full bloom

For the past week and a half the Mardi Gras carnival season has been in full bloom. All throughout Acadaina, the parades and Mardi Gras festivities have gone off without a hitch for the most part.

Two men are charged for a murder of a UL student

Two men are facing a list of charges after being indicted in the October murder of a UL student. Ian Trahan and Wayland Guillory are both locked up on 2nd degree murder and attempted 2nd degree murder charges.

Police believe DNA evidence has closed an unsolved rape case

A jury convited James Stubblefield, 54, on an aggravated rape charge. The case began all the way back in 1994.

Lafayette could see more representation

That is according to Senate Secretary, Glenn Koepp. The population in Lafayette Parish grew by over 31,000 people between years 2000 and 2010.

A security officer charged with bringing drugs into Angola

The West Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office said 21 year old Darius Montgomery of Woodville, Mississippi was arrested after contraband was found earlier last week.

BP has paid out the first installment to help tourism

BP has paid out the first five million dollars to reviatalize the state's tourism. It is part of an agreement that calls for BP to give Louisiana 30 million dollars over 18 months.

For the sixth time this year, fares are on the way up

The reason behind the hike is rising jet fuel prices. Though the increase is not that much, it still adds up for the airlines.