Mother accidentally backs into child

A woman in Denham Springs accidentally ran over her child, killing him Wednesday.

LSU Standout Chad Jones in Critical Condition

BATON ROUGE (KADN) -- Former LSU standout Chad Jones is listed in critical condition after an early morning car crash on Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans around 5 Friday Morning.

No vacancy in sight on Gulf coast

The oil spill is making it hard to find a vacant hotel in parts of Louisiana.

Local schools accepted to IB Program

J.W. Faulk Elementary and N.P. Moss Middle School were both recently accepted as candidates for the International Baccalaureate Program.

10-year-old submits fix to spill

Thousands of ideas on how to fix the spill have flooded into British Petroleum's office. However, one has caught the attention of many.

Police looking for alleged credit card thieves

On June 4, 2010, the two white male suspects captured in the surveillance video used a stolen credit card at several businesses within the City of Lafayette.

50 teachers reassigned, 20 waiting

More than 70 Lafayette Parish school teachers' jobs have been changed. The alterations were made to help the $15dollar deficit the school system faces.

Judge blocks ban on deepwater drilling

a new orleans judge, today, blocked the six-month ban imposed in the wake of the gulf oil spill.... saying the interior department had failed to provide adequate reasons for it.  

Judge denies convict reduced sentence

A judge denied an accused serial killer's attempt to have his sentence reduced on Monday . Jeffery Lee Guillory is serving 50 years hard labor for an attempted murder in Lafayette.

BP bill rising quickly

Reports show British Petroleum has spent $2 billion in the past two months alone. BP says more than half of that figure has been paid out to 32,000 people who claim the spill ruined their way of life.