REMINDER: BP & Federal Contact Numbers Regarding Gulf Oil Spill

REMINDER: BP and Federal Contact Numbers Regarding Gulf Oil Spill.  

Garnett, Perkins miss Celtics practice

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett is nursing a mild mid-foot sprain that has kept him out of practice.

House debates nullifying health care penalties

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana House has been debating attempts to nullify the federal health care overhall. A proposal by Representative Talbot and backed by Governor Jindal states that no one can be forced to pay a penalty for not buying insurance.

Spurs try to get even with Suns

Suns send message with jerseys, but can they handle Spurs?

'Los Suns' seize 2-0 lead on Spurs

Suns seize 2-0 lead on Spurs.

Highlights from Lakers-Jazz Game 2

Andrew Bynum and the Lakers pound the Jazz inside to win Game 2, and we've got the highlights to prove it.