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Coyotes, Red Wings look to advance

Is it midnight for the Cinderella Coyotes or is there life beyond Game 7?

Red Wings eliminate Coyotes with Game 7 win

The Wings put an end to the Coyotes' Cinderella season in Game 7.

Jeff Ireland apologizes to Dez Bryant

Dolphins GM apologizes to Bryant for asking if his mom's a prostitute.

Clausen cuts own salary

Higher Education Commissioner Sally Clausen is reducing her salary and refusing her car and housing allowances.

University of Wash. prez is NCAA boss

University of Washington president Mark A. Emmert is the NCAA's new chief executive.

Cox: Pujols worth $50M a year

Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox has an idea of how much St.

NBA playoff scoreboard

Can Celtics, Cavs and Spurs finish off their first-round opponents?