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Mauer and Twins belong together

Joe Mauer could make a mint elsewhere, but only one place he can be an icon.

Kentucky's Wall says he 'loves' Calipari

Kentucky star John Wall insists he 'loves' coach John Calipari and the freshman guard says his complaint following a win over Vanderbilt last weekend that he wasn't having any fun was simply a sign of frustration.

Arenas wants to share message with kids

Gilbert Arenas insists he now understands that 'guns and violence are serious problems, not joking matters.' In an op-ed piece written for The Washington Post and put on the newspaper's Web site Monday, the suspended Washington Wizards guard pledg

Super Bowl could turn on Freeney's ankle

The Super Bowl's outcome could turn on Dwight Freeney's injured ankle.

Agreement reached with NFL on 'Who Dat'

Louisiana's attorney general said Monday that local T-shirt makers don't need the National Football League's permission to sell shirts with the phrase "Who Dat," as long as they don't make other references to the New Orleans Saints or NFL.

Kobe passes West, but Lakers lose

Kobe Bryant got the Los Angeles Lakers' franchise scoring record, but the Memphis Grizzlies spoiled the celebration.

Caldwell has contingency plan for Freeney

Coach Jim Caldwell says the Colts are preparing to play without defensive end Dwight Freeney in the Super Bowl, though he remains hopeful the All-Pro defensive end will suit up for the game.

Arson up across the state

LOUISIANA - The State Fire Marshal's office says arson is up a whopping 30% over the last eight months. Officials believe a bad economy is to blame.

CBS Super Bowl ads near $3 million mark

CHICAGO, Feb 1 (Reuters) - CBS Corp (CBS.N) has sold all the advertising spots for the television broadcast of the National Football League's Super Bowl championship game this coming Sunday, the television network s