senior bowl day 4 live blog

senior bowl day 4 live blog

Board of Regents orders degree cuts

LOUISIANA - The Board of Regents is ordering state universities to cut degree programs with low graduating numbers. The Advertiser reports students already enrolled in the programs will be able to finish their degree.

Jets' Sanchez may have offseason knee surgery

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had his right knee examined by Dr. James Andrews, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Carrie Underwood to sing National Anthem at Super Bowl

Carrie Underwood is going to the Super Bowl, and she'll be singing the national anthem.

in progress torrey pines round 1 leaderboard

in progress torrey pines round 1 leaderboard

Human predators stalk Haiti's vulnerable kids

Mia Pean's heart sank last week when she saw the Toyota pickup truck cruising the debris-cluttered streets of Leogagne, ground zero for the earthquake that has devastated Haiti.

LeBron reaches multiyear deal to shill for McDonald's

LeBron James has agreed to a multiyear partnership with McDonald's, adding the global fast-food giant to his list of corporate sponsors.

Final Harry Potter movies will be 3D

LOS ANGELES - Warner Bros. will release the next two "Harry Potter" films in 3D, a move underscoring the post-"Avatar" rush for extra-dimensional box office returns.

Texas Tech: James' dad talked of suing

The father of injured Texas Tech receiver Adam James threatened to sue the university if it didn't investigate then-coach Mike Leach, according to a memo released Wednesday.