Report: Florida St.'s Bowden expected to retire

Bobby Bowden says there will be an announcement on his coaching future at Florida State on Tuesday. The legendary 80-year-old Florida State coach met with Florida State President T.K.

State asks for more time

UNDATED - The state is asking for more time to offer hurricane recovery benefits from last years storms. Federal aid is scheduled to end in March, but state officials are asking for a 6 month extension. Louisiana's hurricane recovery chief says

Why Weis didn't work at Notre Dame

The Charlie Weis era at Notre Dame is officially over.

To talk or not to talk? That's Tiger's question

Mark Kriegel wants Tiger to fess up right now. But Jason Whitlock says Woods doesn't owe any of us an explanation.

Weis fired as Notre Dame coach after 6-6 season

Notre Dame players have scheduled a players meeting for Monday while awaiting word on the fate of coach Charlie Weis. The meeting, set for mid-afternoon, will include a vote on whether the players want to play in a bowl game after a 6-6 season.

Notre Dame fires Weis as head coach

But your services are no longer required at Notre Dame.