8 Suspects in Arctic Sea Hijacking Detained

Russia's navy detained eight men accused of hijacking the Arctic Sea freighter near Sweden and forcing the crew to sail to West Africa, state news agencies quoted the defense minister as saying Tuesday.

Bill Becomes Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane

Hurricane Bill strengthened early Wednesday into a dangerous Category 4 storm, packing maximum sustained winds near 135 mph, and forecasters say the hurricane could get even stronger.

Texas Mom Gets 99 Years for Cutting Off Son's Genitals

A Houston-area mother convicted of mutilating her infant by cutting off his genitals two years ago was sentenced Monday to 99 years in prison.

Spam Stumps White House

Administration says online petitions could be to blame for unsolicited e-mails, but critics say there are more culprits

Teen Dies After Being Misdiagnosed With H1N1

A 16-year-old girl died after being misdiagnosed with the H1N1 virus, when she really had tonsillitis, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Fundamental Ingredient for Life Discovered in Comet

A fundamental ingredient for life has been discovered in a comet sample, supporting the idea that such icy objects seeded early Earth with the stuff needed to whip up living organisms.

Three Indicted in Largest Corporate Identity Theft Case Ever

Three men have been indicted in New Jersey in an identity theft case that the Justice Department is labeling as the largest in history.

Taliban Threaten to Attack Afghan Polling Stations

The Taliban have threatened to attack Afghan polling stations during Thursday’s presidential election, compounding fears that a low turnout could facilitate fraud and undermine the result.

Woman Claims She's Pregnant With 12 Babies

A teacher in Tunisia is reported to be pregnant with 12 babies.