Showdown Over War Spending Bill

House Republicans pledge 'solid' opposition to bill they say contains provisions that will endanger the troops

Crisis in Iran Sparks Global Guerrilla Cyberwar

Election crisis in Iran ignites full-on guerrilla cyberwar, with Twitterers, techies across globe pitching in to help protesters access the Internet, and official Iranian government sites being knocked offline.

As Protests Boycott His Show, Letterman Keeps On Joking

A growing group of online protestors is calling for his resignation — and pledging to boycott all products sold by sponsors of the Late Show until CBS fires the late night host.

EMT Wants Okla. Trooper He Fought With to Lose Badge

The paramedic who scuffled with an Oklahoma highway police officer while a patient waited inside the ambulance says the trooper should lose his badge.

Odd Bedfellows: Obama, ABC

White House, ABC News team up for prime-time chat on proposed health care plan, sparking calls for boycott

NFL Star Stallworth Pleads Guilty to DUI Manslaughter

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte' Stallworth is going to serve 30 days in jail after pleading guilty in Florida to a DUI manslaughter charge.

First Photo of Chaz Bono Since Sex-Change Process Began

The first photos of Chaz Bono have surfaced since the daughter of legendary singing duo Sonny and Cher began hormonal treatment in preparation for a sex change.

Threats Raised Accused Abortion Doctor Killer's Bond

Prosecutors are taking possible threats made by the man accused of killing abortion provider George Tiller seriously.

Diploma Denied to Student Who Blew Kiss to Family

A Maine high school senior was denied his diploma at graduation after he took a bow when his name was called, pointed to friends and blew a kiss to his family.

New York is Tops in Road Rage

New York has overtaken Miami to be voted the U.S. city with the angriest and most aggressive drivers, according to a survey on road rage released on Tuesday.