Hollywood in Mourning: Stars Pay Tribute to Farrah Fawcett

Pop Tarts caught up with some Hollywood stars and starlets, some who were friends and some who were simply fans, to share their strongest memories of the late Ms. Fawcett who succumbed to cancer in Los Angeles on Thursday morning

Michael Jackson's Music, Death Dominate Internet

For a man whose superstardom largely predated the World Wide Web, Michael Jackson sure dominated it the morning after his sudden death.

'Bruno' Cuts Scene Mocking Jacksons Before Premiere

Michael Jackson's death sent producers of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy 'Bruno' into a tailspin Thursday as they scrambled to cut scenes in which the comedian mocks Jackson's sister hours before the film's L.A. premiere.

Oklahoma Boy, 7, Revived After Almost Drowning, Dies

A 7-year-old Ottawa County boy who had been revived by rescue crews after almost drowning has died.

Taliban Bomber Kills 2 Soldiers in Pakistani Kashmir

Taliban bomber blows himself up near an army vehicle, killing at least two soldiers in the first such assault in Pakistan's part of divided Kashmir, marking an escalation in militant campaign against security forces.

Motorcycle Bomb Kills 11 in Baghdad Market

Iraqi officials say at least 11 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a bombing at a market in Baghdad.

Two Lost Icons: For Generation X, A Really Bad Day

A record-shattering vinyl album and its moonwalking maestro. A paper poster of a golden-haired beauty in a one-piece swimsuit that was gossamer and clingy in all the right places.

Fans Around the World Mourn 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson

Morning television shows from Sydney to Tokyo interrupted programs Friday to report the news of Michael Jackson's death, while online fan pages dedicated to the King of Pop became impromptu memorial sites.

What Caused Michael Jackson's Cardiac Arrest?

It kills more people in the U.S. each year than breast cancer, lung cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. The condition is called sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – and it only takes minutes to claim a person's life.