Blasts in Southern Afghanistan Kill Eight U.S. Troops

Eight American troops were killed in multiple bomb attacks Tuesday in southern Afghanistan, making October the deadliest month of the war for U.S. forces since it began in 2001.

NASA Ares 1-X Rocket Launch Delayed by Weather

NASA's Ares 1-X rocket sits on a launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. Weather conditions may hold up the launch

'Murdered by Muslim Terrorists' Phrase Sparks Controversy

Peter Gadiel wants everyone to remember his son, who died on 9/11, but he also wants people to remember how he died: "Murdered by Muslim terrorists."

British Couple Hijacked by Somali Pirates in Indian Ocean

Somali pirates have seized a British couple and their yacht in the Indian Ocean in the middle of their round-the-world voyage.

Al Qaeda Linked Group Claims Baghdad Attacks

Al Qaeda's umbrella group in Iraq claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombings in the heart of Baghdad that killed at least 155 people, including 24 children trapped in a bus leaving a day care center.

Obama Won't 'Rush' Afghan Strategy, Troop Decisions

President tells troops he won't risk their lives unless 'absolutely necessary,' as critics say time is running out• 14 Americans Die in Afghan Chopper Crashes

Reid: Senate Bill WillHave Public Option

Majority leader says bill he brings to the floor will include gov't-backed health plan that allows states to opt out, but can he get the votes to pass it? | VIDEO

LSU considering tuition hike

BATON ROUGHE — Louisiana State University's chancellor says the school should not be afraid to increase tuition. The college board's annual report shows LSU students are paying less than other public universities. The average in-state tui